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PT. Eltean Luhurkencana is built based on three core values that we will never compromise: a commitment to distribute only the best healthcare to our customers, respect for the employees, and achieving excellence.


Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1983, is the sales company for Sebamat GmbH, Herzpunkt Pharma GmbH, and Maurer Pharma GmbH. Today, it trades all over the world and achieves an annual turnover of over 100 million euros. SEBAPHARMA currently has approximately 200 employees. Thanks to its renowned brand sebamed, the company has operated successfully as a competent, innovative and performance-orientated enterprise for years now. Headquartered in Boppard/ Germany, the Sebapharma GmbH & Co.KG has proved that it can be successful at both, national and international level. Currently, Sebamed is successfully marketed in more than 60 countries worldwide. What started with the sebamed Cleansing Bar has in the meanwhile developed into a large product portfolio that gathers more than 50 different items – and the range is constantly being extended. Besides the sebamed cleansing products, a special skin care series offers additional protection. Whether for the daily personal care of sensitive skin, the delicate skin of babies or the high demands of stressed skin – all products are based on the concept of stabilizing the natural protective acid mantle of the skin using the pH value of 5.5.

The company was founded by Dr. Maurer, the pioneer of medical skin care, who is now still deciding upon the direction taken by the company. With great passion and enthusiasm Dr. Maurer works on new concepts for skin protection. The 90 year old does not rest on his laurels, thus is still representing one of the most successful and truly independent entrepreneurs of Germany. Sebamed’s product philosophy has been confirmed and documented in over 120 scientific studies: cleansing and care products, which aim to maintain the pH value of 5.5 ensuring the skin remains healthy.




In 1983 Dr. med. Maurer founded Sebapharma GmbH & Co.KG, a separate sales organization which unites all existing subsidiaries: Herzpunkt Pharma, Maurer Pharma und Sebamat Chemie GmbH. With sebamed a new chapter of medical body care was opened. The idea was swiftly copied. Soon so-called “pH-neutral” products appeared on the market and caused confusion as these products didn’t offer a pH value of 5.5 and therefore didn’t correspond to the acid protection mantle of healthy skin. The small-scale entrepreneur took on big business – and won.



In 1967 Dr. Maurer founded Sebamat Chemie GmbH and manufactured the first sebamed products. Dr. Maurer’s ideas for medicine products found wide acceptance by pharmacies and met great approval among dermatologists as his invention also enabled the washing of infected and irritated skin which had not been possible beforehand.



Dr. med. Heinz Maurer finally realized his idea. The first “soap-free cleansing bar” was put into production. This bar was based on tensides that corresponded to the physiological slightly acidic skin pH value of 5.5. of the healthy skin. It was then, that Dr. Maurer made the provocative statement to the medical profession that “people have not washed correctly for 2,000 years”.



Dr. Maurer took the position of Director of the R&D department at Rei-Werke, the company founded and owned by his brother, Willi Maurer. There, he continued his searched for gentle skin cleansing products that would not destroy the skin’s biological acid protection mantle.



In 1952 Dr. med. Heinz Maurer had a crucial experience at the Dermatological clinic of the University of Bonn and created a new market: the market for medicinal skin cleansing and care. His discovery, that the skin’s slightly acidic surface protects against harsh environment influences, dehydration, germs, bacteria, etc. with its so-called protective acid mantle kick-started an intensive and long lasting research period.